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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More than just another pretty sweet

Tonight I made cupcakes for a fundraiser at Sarah's pre-school.  As I was making them I was reminded of a post I wrote last year about cookies.  I got to thinking how a cupcake can be a lot more than a cupcake.  Cupcakes bring people together to raise money for good causes.  Cupcakes celebrate birthdays and first communions and happy days.  Cupcakes, especially with sprinkles, bring a smile to a child's face.  There is a twitter account dedicated to cupcake quotes.  A cupcake can make a bad day feel more manageable.

"When you reach the end of your rope, eat cupcakes and hang on."
- Author unknown. Quote taken from twitter account @cupcake quotes

What do cupcakes mean to you?


  1. Those look absolutely YUM! You fancy, dancy baker you. And yes, cupcakes cure everything :)

  2. What a great mom. Your post reminds me of a page from the book This Plus That - Life's Little Equations. She wrote "Anything + Sprinkles = Better!

  3. So sweet, I love it (and also am now desperately craving a cupcake with lots of icing). Thanks for linking up Lisa!