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Monday, January 23, 2012

Ten Things that Keep me Awake at Night

It is Monday and time for some listicle action.  Captain Canada thought I just said testicle and so that needed a little clarification.

I am linking this post up over at The Good Life hosted by the lovely Stasha.  Add your own list or go read what everone is writing about.

There are two possible topics this week and I have chosen to write about ten things that give me anxiety and keep me awake at night.

1.  Sarah going to kindergarten in September.  I am nervous about how she will adjust.

2.  Working full time next year and juggling the added work load with my responsibilities at home as well as still finding time to workout and stay healthy.

3.  Confronting someone about something I don't like.

4.  Being late.  I have a recurring dream that I am late for work and obstacles keep getting in my way that prevent me from getting to work or calling and letting someone know that I am late for work.

5.  Potty training.  It took us the good part of a year to get Sarah fully potty trained.  She would not do it until she was good and ready.  When she decided she was ready, she was trained in a day.  Jack is turning three in two months and we have not done much in the way of potty training.  It is the whole fear of failing thing.

6.  Lack of calcium.  Neither of my kids drink milk.  But at least Jack drinks Yops (that I can sneak milk into) and eats yogurt.  Sarah doesn't eat or drink any of these things.  I give her vitamins, but I still worry about the lack of calcium in her diet.

7.  Flat tires.  I have a knack for getting flat tires.  I worry that when I get into my car to go to work that my tire will be flat and I will be late for work (see #4).

8.  Offending someone or hurting their feelings.

9.  Going into a store five minutes before closing time.

10.  Imagining my kids as teenagers and the whole new set of worries that will bring.  The part where they will probably go through a period of intense dislike of me and the driving, parties, girlfriends,  boyfriends and the list goes on and on.

What keeps you up at night?


  1. Frankly, blogging keeps me up at night. But reading a list like yours is totally worth it, because i can A. relate, B. feel better about not being the only one and C. miss you girls a little less.
    Broccoli is packed with calcium way beyond milk. And some other veg too. And at the end of the day, you are super amazing so I really hope you sleep like a baby tonight.

  2. You are so sweet. Thanks Stasha. Hope we get to meet up again soon.

  3. Great list....I have to say #3 and #10 are def big on my list too!