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Monday, January 30, 2012

Remember when......

This week's Monday Listicles was chosen by my wedding anniversary twin, Bruna from Bees with Honey.  Her topic:
"If they were to make a movie of your life what would the soundtrack be like? Share 10 songs that best tell the story of your life. Be sure to include the period or event that each song represents”.

This took some thinking, but here are some songs that bring back a flood of memories from different times in my life:

1.  Black Superman - Johnny Wakelin. This is the first song I remember dancing to as a little girl.  We owned the song on a single you know the LP that you needed to put the little plastic thing in the middle so it will stay on the turntable and actually play.  Or maybe you don't because I am way older than you.

2.  Saturday Night - The Bay City Rollers.  My sisters and I would put on my parents records and make up dance routines.  Whenever I hear this song it takes me back to our living room with the red carpet that we flattened with our dancing feet. 

3.  The Gambler- Kenny Rogers.  When I hear this song, I think of my family piled into my Dad's old blue truck heading out on a family adventure.  The adventures I remember most clearly were the ones that took us outdoors fishing, camping or getting wood.

4. Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams.  In junior high we would listen and listen to this song. We loved the whole album and I remember clearly that sleepovers consisted of watching scary movies like The Exorcist and singing along to this Bryan Adams cassette tape.

5.  Forever Young -Rod Stewart.  Our high school graduation song.  Don't even really like this song, but it marks an important event and when I hear it, the song takes my back to grad year.

6.  Home for a Rest - Spirit of the West.  I love this song and there are many good time memories attached to it.  This song was from my twenties my friend Jo and I had good times together. A few weeks ago, we had a family dance party to this song.  It was time to pass on the moves for this song and by moves I mean jumping up and down like crazy and bumping into people.

7.  You are my Sunshine- Anne Murray.  There are so many memories attached to this song.  Captain Canada put it on a CD he made for my surprise 30th birthday party that he helped organize.  It was one of the first songs on the CD I listened to when he was taking me to the super secret destination of my party.  This song was also a part of our wedding slide show.  When Sarah was born, we created a slide show of her early days to and used this song.

8.  Lucky Man- The Verve.  Our first dance at our wedding.  Chosen by Captain Canada.  He is a lucky man.

9.  Baby Beluga- Raffi  The only song that would sooth Sarah when she was screaming her longest and loudest.  I can sing this song forwards, backwards and from the middle.  I am especially good at singing it while holding a crying infant and bouncing on an exercise ball.

10.  The Good Life- One Republic.  When I hear this song I am reminded of my own good life.  
When you're happy like a fool
Let it take you over
When everything is out
You gotta take it in
Oh this has gotta be the good life
This has gotta be the good life
This could really be a good life, good life


  1. Who didn't have that chorus from The Gambler going round and round in your head. You can't help but sing it. Loved Saturday NIght as a girl too. And The Good Life -- what a good current edition. That is a wonderful song -- all the way around winner.

  2. My dad liked The Gambler and really just the whole Kenny Rogers tape he had for road trips, too :) Great choices!

  3. Wow #6 is new to me and I really like it!!!
    I like reading about the memories that these songs bring to you. My hubby is Verve mad too. Lucky man does make for a great first dance.

  4. I loved the Gambler as a little girl as well! An old family friend used to always play it on his guitar. I laughed out loud at #10 as I imagined you on the exercise ball singing away. I've totally been there. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. So this is strange I saw Kenny Rogers and all I can think of is chicken...I just loved his restaurant Kenny Rogers Roasters...oh where oh where did they go :( Since I am a foodie sight guess it makes sense lol...

  6. LOL, the Bay City Rollers. I can relate to almost all of these, great list and I love your #10.

  7. I love that One Republic song! :) Great list!

  8. S-A-TUR-D-A-Y NIGHT! The rec nights of my youth...o sweet lord. I had that album on--wait for it-- EIGHT TRACK CASSETTE. The format in which I also had "Dead Set" and REO Speedwagon. So not only do I remember records, I remember what came BEFORE the cassette tape. Your list has me both nodding and laughing and also kind of wincing a bit. Great.