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Sunday, January 29, 2012

For the Love of the Game

It doesn't matter what you call yourself or who you pray to, when it comes to your sport, your game or your team, it brings us together.  Sport is a universal language that we can all understand. We saw it when our city hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics, the pride we showed the emotion we wore on our sleeves, we came together as Canadians to support our athletes and welcome the world into our backyard.  This is one of the many reasons, I love sports.  It's also that feeling of unity that I get when I am cheering with others for my team or my country.  I love sport for the chills I get when I see an athlete excel and feel inspired in my own life.

On a more personal level, a sporting event is a family outing that allows us to spend time together, enjoying each others company, grooving to the music and watching a good old hockey game.  That is what we did this weekend and there was no shortage of goals to cheer for, family time and unhealthy snacks.

Sarah and Jack were thrilled to spend time with their cousins.

There was also double the fun auntie time.

Captain Canada enjoyed trying out his new lens.
Uncle strikes a pose.
Jack rarely tires of watching the zamboni circle the ice.  Extra points if the driver waves.

I never get tired of this.

Let's BEE Friends


  1. OH such fun! Haven't been to a game since last March! Love the feeling too. Love the photos via Captain Canada's new lens. Love the faces of those adorable children. ♥