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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Adventure on the Fly

"The best moments are the unplanned ones that just happen but make your day perfect." -Author Unknown

After dinner one evening last week, we decided to head out on a quick family adventure.  The kids wanted to throw rocks and I wanted to make the most of a beautiful evening.  It was one of those moments where there was no fighting, there were no tantrums and we all got to do things we enjoy.  I think an outing is a success when everyone has fun and the screaming, yelling and crying by both adults and children is kept to a minimum.

Captain Canada got to take lots of good pictures in the early evening light that he fondly refers to as the "magic hour."

Jack and Sarah found lots of rocks to throw.  Some a little too big to carry far.

Jack loves jumping off things and getting air time.  Sarah is more timid and careful, but she was motivated by her brother's lack of fear.

Once the blackberry bushes were discovered, I took several trips up the logs and through the rocks to retrieve blackberries for my hungry kids. You know the ones who just ate dinner.

Jack and Sarah enjoyed watching the boats go by.

Right before we headed home, we walked up to check out the art, "Olas de Viento" (Wind Waves).  My kids wanted to see me climb it.  So to prove I still have it, I did.

Then they wanted to climb it and with a little help, they enjoyed the view.

These are the moments that I file carefully away and hold dear to me.  I pull them out when I need them the most, to drown out the whining and remind me how much fun it is to have kids.

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  1. Hearts to GP Park! Theo is a jump-a-holic!

  2. These are beautiful photos. Every time I visit your blog, I SWEAR there's a pic of Jack defying fear & gravity. It helps me prepare for Klaw in a couple of years.

  3. Wow! Those are some fantastic photos. Looks like it was a beautiful outing. Your Jack is a little daredevil!! :)

    Thanks for linking up!