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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Guide to Trimming a Tree- Wednesday of Few Words

Have your photographer equipped and ready.  In our case, we were lucky to have two photographers.

Photo by Allan

 Carefully unwrap dump out all of the ornaments to get a better look.  I was tickled pink to see the enjoyment Sarah got as she checked out the ornaments and asked where they came from.

Stay warm. Sometimes the stockings that should be hung by the chimney with care make better footwear.

Enjoy moments like these.

I absolutely adore this photo.  Photo by Allan

Have yummy treats on hand for when the kids want to wear hockey helmets and take a snack break.

It is a good idea to have a distraction around, especially when there is glass to be swept up.  It was the end of the line for a few Christmas balls on Sunday.

Get the kids to add their own personal touch to the tree.  This year we went with a homemade tree topper, just like Fancy Nancy.
Photo by Allan

Save the best for last.  The final touch, Sarah placing the star on top of our tree.

Photo by Allan


  1. Love the homemade tree topper and the chubby toddler feet!

  2. Awww, looks like you had a great time trimming the tree. My 4yo kept opening up every ornament box and exclaiming "Oh! This is my FAVORITE one"

    Every.Single.Time :p

  3. Sounds and looks like way more fun than our tree trimming. The doggies sniffed the boxes and then left the area to go do doggie things. Harry sniffed the boxes then left the wait, he hung 2 ornaments first...then left the area to go watch golf! ;) Wish the grandkids were closer. :( Enjoy the season. xo