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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nine Ways My Son is Like a Golden Retriever

Tonight while at the beach for a family picnic, we came to the realization that Jack shares many traits with a Golden Retriever.

1. He is kind and gentle and pleasant with strangers and those familiar to him.

2. He is obedient and will sit and lay down on command.

3. He scrounges for table scraps after meals.

4. He has become very adept at fetching things such as frisbees and balls and retrieves them undamaged.

5. Mention the word park and he is at the door clamouring to get out

6. Since he started walking, we have felt the urge to put him on a leash.

7. He waits at the back door and pushes his nose against the screen when he wants to go outside.

8. When he is naughty, it is hard to stay mad at him. One look at that cute face and all is forgiven.

9. He even kind of looks like a golden retriever.


  1. Love the laugh track! Jack is of an excellent pedigree, obviously. I wish Lilah was so obedient!

  2. It is SO true, toddlers are so like exuberant puppies :-)