All photos on this blog taken by Adam Schwartz of the Two Hoser's Photo Show

Friday, July 30, 2010

Fridays are for Dance Parties

I love Fridays. It means the weekend is here and there is fun times ahead. Fridays are for ordering in, eating cake and dance parties. I am a hand dancer myself. Elaine from Seinfeld comes to mind when I dance and nobody needs to see that. My kids on the other hand have moves. So in honour of Fridays being for dance parties, I present a flashback of Schwartz Dance Parties:

Captain Canada and Sarah getting their groove, August 9, 2009

Jack shaking his baby booty.
Happy Friday.


  1. Love the dance post! Very cute moves and an excellent Friday tradition!

  2. The slow mo kills me! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Nice running man there. Sarah took a butt plant to the face pretty well. She's ready for the mosh pit.