All photos on this blog taken by Adam Schwartz of the Two Hoser's Photo Show

Friday, July 16, 2010

Five on Friday

The all about our Friday edition:

1. This morning, I got to sleep in until 8:00 a.m. Both kids went to bed late and slept in. What a treat.

2. Sometimes taking a three year old out in public can be really embarrassing. Sarah and I went to pick up dinner tonight. At Safeway, she did not like the bar code sticker that was on the bag of potato fries we were buying and insisted it be removed. Then she did not want the sticker scanned because she needed to hold it. Finally as we were walking to the car, she started yelling, "hungry bum, hungry bum. Mommy, I can't walk because of hungry bum." This is code for her butt is trying to eat her pull up.

3. Fresh local blueberries and raspberries are the best.

4. My Visa card was compromised. That is three times in the last four months that we have had to cut up one or both of our cards and notify all of our pre-authorizations.

5. We headed to the park after supper today to enjoy the evening sunshine. The swings and water park are top choices at the park.

98% of the photos posted on my blog are taken by Captain Canada. He loves taking pictures and I love showing them off. Thanks Captain!


  1. There is no doubt in my mind that Captain Canada is responsible for teaching Sarah #2. And I agree whole-heartedly with #3.
    Great pics!

  2. 8am..wahoo!
    Sorry to hear about your VISA card...that's such a pain.

  3. I agree with 1,3 &5 ;) Who doesn't love a lie-in and seasonal berries? The light is really at its best in the evenings and the kids get tuckered out before bedtime. WOOP!

  4. I loved the pictures at the park. Looks fun. Too bad about the shopping trip.

  5. Those pics are BEAUTIFUL!~ Good job Captain Canada ;-)

    Thats miserable about your Visa...we ave had that happen to us, NO walk in the park :(

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a kid that freaks out over nothing. My son loses it if he can't push the button for a number at the deli We didn't even need anything but he won't even hear of it. If he doesn't push it, he'll throw himself on the ground and scream like a baby. So annoying.

    Love your blog and this post made me giggle! Also, beautful kids! I'm following!


  7. OK so I need to know how you get your children to sleep until 8am. We are up before the dawn around here which means 5:30am or thereabouts! Sorry about your Visa card - I would be seeking some compensation at this juncture! Four times is four times too many!