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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Five on Friday

The sizzling summer edition....

1. So we have been living it up in this summer weather. We have been on the go the whole week trying to enjoy every moment. Trips to the park, backyard pool dips, the beach and picnics (we all know I feel about picnics). We do not know how long this beautiful weather will last. So we are treating ever hot, sunny day like it could be our last. As a result, this is what my love seat has looked like for the past two days.
Oh and that is clean laundry that needs help finding its home.

2. We have been to the local water park no less than three times this week. On Monday, it was not even that nice and we ended up splashing around. I now know to never leave the house without an extra set of clothes for each kid and towels (thanks Mom for the towel idea).

3. While Jack naps, in the afternoons, it is full Sarah time. We do all of the things that she loves to do, but can be problematic when there is a little brother around who wants to do everything his sister does. There is plenty of craft time, story reading and baking. I look forward to this block of time because I can give Sarah my full attention.

Thanks to Janice for the butterfly garland craft.

4. This week I have attempted two recipes with egg replacer and I have been pleased with the results. I now have pancakes in the freezer that can be popped into the toaster for easy breakfasts and all the muffins I made are gone.

5. There may be some progress on the potty training front. She is now asking to use the toilet and is sitting on it for longer periods of time. Nothing is really happening yet, but the fact that she will sit on the potty, without screaming down the house, is progress.

Happy weekend!


  1. What a great time you are having. That is really great about #5. Good luck.

  2. Frozen pancakes sound like a good idea, I haven't tried that yet and we are a pancake loving family.

  3. Glad the egg thing is working out. Which product are you using?
    How did the butterflies turn out? Lots of glitter? ;)

  4. Janice,
    I am using egg replacer by ENERG.
    Lots of glitter and buttons.